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Landed More Website Design Clients

As a follow up to an earlier post about getting more website design clients, we apparently have two new clients on board.

One is a manufacturer of conveyor belt machinery, who needs a more contemporary looking website.  His existing site is full of incomplete pages and missing pages.  The other is a new beauty spa for botox and other injectibles.  They don’t actually need a new website, they need help setting up their social media on Google+, in particular, Google+ Communities.

Sash has worked really hard to earn the trust of these clients, and now the ball is in my court to make good on the delivery.

Meanwhile, she continues to market like a maniac.  She met with a potential client yesterday who already has a website being built for her, but wanted to learn more blogging and other ways to market her business online.  Today, we’re meeting with an existing client who wants to hire us for another new project he’s working on.

The “12 Marketing Mistakes You’re Making” workshop that Sash did last week apparently did wonders to convince a number of attendees that she and I really do know what we’re talking about, and now they’re coming forward to inquire about our services.  That only encourages us to plan another workshop.

In other news, it’s been a few weeks since Google deactivated my account, and since then I’ve been continuing with my backup account.  I’ve made a solid attempt to get by using Outlook.com as my e-mail client, but it really sucks.  It seems rather unreliable in pulling in e-mail from my corporate domain (cleardigitalmedia.com), and now I’ve gone back to using Gmail.

I’ve also gone back to using Google Chrome as my primary web browser after trying hard to use Internet Explorer, but I found that IE is rather slow, and it tends freeze up for a few seconds after loading in a new page.

But I’m still determined not to use Google Drive for storage anymore.  I’m still using my external hard drive.

Steve Johnson

Website developer and Internet marketer going back to 1997, computer geek and hacker going back to 1981. Founder of Clear Digital Media, Inc., and Too Much Tina Media, lifelong motorcycle rider and craft beer snob.

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  1. What happened to your Google account? No explanation as to what you did?
    I have a lot of my eggs on Google as well and this worries me.

    • Google gave me no explanation aside from that I violated their terms of service. Their TOS is a long page of details with lots of items, and I used a lot of different Google services, so it’s difficult to say where the violation occurred. I asked for clarification, and they did send me a response to my alternate account, but with no further explanation other than my account was not eligible for reinstatement.

      Personally, I would recommend storing your files and photos on an external drive as a backup to storing them on Google+ or Google Drive. As for your blogs, set up a second Google account and make them Admins on each of your blogs, so that you can still access them.

  2. I have some stuff on google drive. But, for the most part I store my stuff on our home server. I don’t totally trust “the cloud”. I understand having duplicate storage space just in case one goes down you still have content.

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