Bruski Mira Mesa

Awareness and Oblivion

“Yeah, the bitch served me up with divorce papers”, one guy said seated at the bar next to us, chatting with a friend of his.  The two of them seemed like they had women problems.

Sash seemed to annoyed by them.

“Every sentence they say begins with “…and she”,  she said.

“Bars are a free zone where guys are allowed to bitch all they want”, I responded.

As for our day yesterday, it kinda ended at the bar.  We were at Bruski, a craft beer bar in Mira Mesa, a suburban community of San Diego.  We had just spent the afternoon meeting with a client that was interested in hiring us for more work.  But they didn’t want to pay us unless we could give them some kind of reassurance that our marketing services would work.  Sash seemed to identify with their concerns, though myself personally I was more interested in experimenting with the combination of flavors between my spicy pork, onions, kim chee, and bean sprouts.  As a website designer, I’m more of an introvert, while Sash is more extroverted with her empathy.

It was good day to ride our motorcycles around town, with temperatures in the mid-60s but sunny skies.  I mean, how many other married couples partner together with a marketing business, ride motorcycles as their primary transportation, and use her pink hair as a brand identity?  So when the weather permits, we take advantage of it.

We left the meeting with our client throwing around ideas, and then headed off to do some shopping.

I needed stuff for my DSLR camera, a new lens cap, some filters, and a new camera bag.  I really wanted to play with the various filters to see how crisp and clear I could get my images.  Sash found a Vivitar knock-off of a GoPro video camera on clearance for $60.00.  She wanted to buy it right away, though I was concerned about the availability of mounting accessories.  But that’s just the geek in me wanting to analyze such things in detail.

“Did you notice our bartender is a tweaker?” Sash asked me, once we finally made it to Bruski.

“No”, I said.  “What is exactly is a tweaker anyway?”

“Speed.  Meth”, she said.  “Look at her acne.  It’s a dead giveaway.”

black lab service dog

A sweet old black labrador retriever service dog

I didn’t seem to care.  I continued to nurse of my glass of Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron, enjoying the woody character against the subtle notes of fig, caramel, and licorice.  I suppose everyone has a vice, and mine is high gravity brew.  Sash drew up conversation with the guy seated behind us, with the service dog.

I’m really just a guy who loves building websites and figuring out how to get traffic to them.  I’m immersed into the details of thought and analysis, getting the finite details perfect.  I’m pretty simple that way, and for the most part, oblivious to everything else.  Sash is the other way, observant, looking around, and thinking several steps ahead.

As for the two guys next to us bitching about women, I was oblivious to them also, more concerned about my drink and the new filters I bought for my camera.  I’m a total contrast to Sash’s awareness of her surroundings and the shortest path out of the building should a shooting spree break out.

But that’s what makes us a good pair.

She looks out while I look in.  I go deep inside my head while she goes deep inside others.  It’s really just an appreciation of each other and a respect that neither of us could be Too Much Tina without the other.

Steve Johnson

Website developer and Internet marketer going back to 1997, computer geek and hacker going back to 1981. Founder of Clear Digital Media, Inc., and Too Much Tina Media, lifelong motorcycle rider and craft beer snob.

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  1. I’ve always been the quiet one myself so I can relate. Sometimes, people, both men and women, talk too much. I’m with a girl who talks….a lot. Strange how that happens huh? It’s not that I don’t notice stuff as well, but some things are better left unsaid.

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